Millions of subscribers enjoy Netflix's original TV shows. Streaming firms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu have found that generating original TV episodes has helped get new subscribers. With the rise of streaming platforms, there are more chances than ever to have your TV show produced.

However, there is a lot of competition. Do you want to present a concept for a TV show or feature film to the world best know streaming platforms'


This course will prepare you to craft and pitch your idea to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other streaming services.

You will learn the discourses of distinction and promotional strategies of Netflix and its competitors. These services offer promises of abundance, participation, prestige, and personalisation.

Learn how to craft winning pitches that concisely convey the idea, characters, narrative, and the market segment.

  • You will learn what must be done before making a pitch;
  • the potential venues to which one could pitch a concept;
  • the benefits of the global marketplace;
  • the query letter;
  • the synopsis element of a written pitch;
  • the demo reel and its benefits;
  • the elevator pitch;
  • and the possible venues that can help a producer increase their breadth of networking connections in the entertainment and media industries.


Introductions and overview of the industry. Define what a producer is and does.
The one-hour drama: Golden Age of Television. Screening.
Television comedy: The American sitcom. Screening.
Reality Programming. From Candid Camera to Survivor and beyond. Screening
New Media and Online Content – digital and online television. Screening. Finding appropriate material for the marketplace and the process of development.
Netflix, Amazon, Hulu content distribution. Integrated campaigns and case studies.
Pitching television series (case studies of successful and unsuccessful pitches).
Pre-production. Casting, scheduling, hiring a crew and creating budgets.
Production. Staying on course, and problem solving. The producer’s role on set.
Post -Production. Assembling the final product. Marketing and branding your show – strategies for success.
Programming, demographics, advertising. Getting a job in the industry.

Meet your professor

Randi Davis Levin

Adjunct Faculty
Learn the role of a producer from the faculty of New York University/Tisch School Of The Arts

Randi Davis Levin has had over twenty-five years working in the entertainment industry at Showtime, MTV and ViacomCBS. She has worked in various roles in Production, Promotions, Operations, Creative Services and Brand Strategy. In her current position at ViacomCBS, she is responsible for brand strategy, marketing, managing high profile projects and brand merchandising for ViacomCBS's corporate division.

Ms Levin is also a professor at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where she teaches 'Producing for Television' and 'TV Nation: Inside and Outside the Box.' She has also taught at New York Institute of Technology and Monmouth University, where she taught classes including Media Literacy, Copywriting for the Electronic Media, Founding Your Own Media Business, Independent Filmmaking and Documentary Production.

Ms Levin earned her Bachelor of Science from Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Communication, as well as a Masters of Arts from New York Institute of Technology with a major in Television and Film Management (with Honors). In addition to her corporate and academic roles, Randi has founded and worked with multiple production companies. She has been developing and pitching various drama series, feature films and reality series. She has also worked as a talent manager working with professional athletes, musicians, actors and fitness personalities.


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