• How to impress your audience using impactful speech, writing and imagery.
  • How to enhance your presentation and messaging using the right communication approach.
  • The use of basic skills and tools to prepare and deliver an impactful presentation.
  • How to draft effective messages and content to influence your target audience and create a desired impact.


Take your communication skills to the next level

Continuing Education in Communication Skills is a professional certificate that focuses primarily on developing advanced communicative skills of students to prepare them for the corporate world. The coursework of this program is designed to refine critical skills of students through oral and written communication activities. Through various courses, students will learn to express ideas and opinions to different audience in effective ways. Different modules in this program will teach students to analyze what their audience require and how to plan and communicate according to it.

Workplace communication includes email communications, business writing, group discussions, and public speaking. Effective oral communication is one of the core goals of this program and it will be achieved through activities such as mock interviews, group discussions and individual presentations. Practice of writing emails, memos and letters will develop the professional writing skills of students.

This certification focuses on enhancing students? effective business communication skills that are valued most by employers, from creating impactful presentations to using strong public speaking skills. Students will learn about communication strategies and how to use them in workplace. The program also teaches how to use active listening and observation to tailor your message according to a specific target audience.


Expert Instruction

4 skill-building courses



3-6 hours per week


This course introduces the art and technique of effective communication using oral and body language to express information and get a message or idea across successfully.
Students will learn the different types of communication including verbal, non-verbal, written and visual communication, and the appropriate use of each under varying scenarios.
In this course, students will learn how to effectively use logical arguments, intriguing tone and careful word choice in order to inform and convince different audiences.
Students will learn how to analyze a situation or problem and present recommendations through a clear and well-structured report for a specific audience.


It is the demand of every field to be able to deliver an idea or message successfully and it is only possible through effective communication. The key characteristic that employers look for while recruiting an employee is the ability to communicate effectively. Nearly every occupation, including technical fields, requires good oral and written communication skills.

Having strong communication skills will not only help you succeed in any profession but will also enable you to pave a career path solely dedicated to communication.

Following are a few career options in the field of communications:

  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Meeting/Event Planner
  • Social Media Manager
  • Sales Representative


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